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A Direct and Secure Way to Access Microsoft Cloud Services_optEnterprises use cloud computing to optimise resource utilization and build business models and market strategies that will enable them to grow, innovate and become more competitive. However, for any organization using cloud computing services, the risk of a security breach looms large. Hence, they require direct, private and secure access.

Just recently, Webair announced that it became an official Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Partner. Azure ExpressRoute allows Webair customers to easily and securely utilize Microsoft cloud services such as Office 365, Azure and Dynamics 365 with increased levels of reliability and performance. ExpressRoute is a private, dedicated network connection that sits in between Webair’s customers’ IT environments and the Microsoft Cloud.

The decision to become a Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Partner will help Webair to offer high quality and reliable access to hybrid cloud services, and it will expand the company’s ability to mix and match its local, low-latency enterprise public cloud as well as third-party hyperscale cloud services.

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