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Data Center POST interview with Sherman Ikemoto, Managing Director at Future Facilities

By way of background, our guest, Sherman Ikemoto, is the Managing Director of Future Facilities, a software company that addresses data center management with a new approach based on a physical simulation capabilities to align the design, operations and business goals of each facility. That’s a lot to digest, so let us help you understand it. Imagine your data center digitally replicated in 3D world that captures all of its components and simulates your data center’s operational behavior and performance.  As you turn up, down, add, move, change this environment, the digital replication identifies the compute infrastructure reaction with outputs that illustrate each alteration’s effect on the data center operations – down to the implications on business performance.

To bring this solution to the forefront of the industry, Future Facilities launched its physics-based 3D data center software simulator: the Digital Twin. Serving as a customized, digitized virtual replica of a data center and its entire infrastructure, the Digital Twin allows operators to simulate physical behaviors under any operating scenario, enabling operators and managers in the various data center departments to leverage predictive outcomes to align business goals with facility operations and efficiencies. Pretty cool, right?  Well we thought so and wanted to learn more.  Read below for our interview with Sherman about Future Facilities’ Digital Twin.

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