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svsvsvdWhat some people are calling the migration to the cloud is taking place. Large companies with their own server setups or private data centers are moving to third-party data centers, causing a huge rise in the number — and size — of data centers worldwide. It’s more cost effective and convenient for these companies, as well as small business and website owners, to use third-party data centers or website hosts rather than deal with the expense and hassle of buying, setting up, and running these servers themselves. And add to this the expected number of websites to exceed 1 billion in the next year, we have massive quantities of data centers with huge amounts of servers that need space; lots of space.

This map gives us a good idea of the size of the world’s data centers and how much money has gone into creating them. Some of the largest data centers in the world and those just being built make use of several buildings, housing complex cooling and networking systems, beyond the thousands of servers themselves. Facilities with less than 1 million square feet didn’t even make the map! With this massive growth and shift to larger and larger data centers, centers with only 1-2 million square feet of server space will likely have dropped off of all the lists of the world’s largest. When your website is your entire livelihood, like it is for countless numbers of people around the globe, being able to find a reliable website host and being able to see how they measure up is now more important than ever.

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