Originally posted to J Patrick + Associates by Alyssa Wishingrad,

3-reasons-why-hiring-managers-need-to-always-be-recruitingIf you’re a hiring manager with a fully staffed team, you might assume there’s no need to keep seeing candidates. After all, you’re busy and need to keep your focus on rewarding your top performers, continually training the guys in the middle and pushing the team members who are lagging behind. Why waste time interviewing candidates for a position that doesn’t exist?

Well, there are several important reasons why you should always be recruiting that transcend simply filling vacancies.

Gather Intel

Regardless of what business you’re in, you need to constantly be gleaning intelligence about your brand’s position in the marketplace. By always being willing to interview candidates with in-demand skills you are creating an awareness of your brand and stoking interest for openings down the road.

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