– Peter Chase, Founder, Executive Vice President, Business Development, at Scribe, says:

Cloud computing has redefined everything we know about IT (and business). There is so much going on with cloud these days that, if you are like me, with only a few moments to get the most important news of the day, you are probably concerned you are missing out on a lot. With the hope of alleviating the concerns of the busy professional, I’ve placed my sights on the top cloud analysts on Twitter. If you follow these 10 experts, you’ll be well on your way to never skipping an important cloud beat.

Read on and get your following finger ready. Find a breakdown of the top analysts to follow from a list of topics spanning cloud, customer engagement, sustainability and more. Access and follow the full IT Visionaries list on Twitter here.

David Linthicum – @DavidLinthicum
Occupation: SVP at Cloud Technology Partners, Lead Cloud Analyst at Gigaom Pro, Cloud Blogger at InfoWorld
Website: http://www.davidlinthicum.com/
Why: There are few people more plugged into cloud technology, strategy and news than David. With 13 books on the cloud topic, David offers a great mix of news and opinions for the informed IT reader, peppered with insights based on his work as a leading cloud analyst with Gigaom Research.
What to Expect: A steady stream of up-to-the minute updates and views on all things cloud – he calls em’ like he sees em’. 

Esteban Kolsky – @ekolsky
Occupation: Principal & Founder at ThinkJar LLC
Website: http://estebankolsky.com/
Why: Esteban is the authority on all things customer. In his own words: “If you want to plan your customer initiatives (CRM, SCRM, Social Business, CEM, CX or any other combination of letters that has Customer in it), I am your guy.” Esteban wears many hats including: customer strategist, thinker and researcher, speaker and consultant.
What to Expect: Customer engagement-related news and views, combined with retweets from other smart people across industries.

James Governor – @monkchips
Occupation: Co-Founder and Analyst at RedMonk
Website: http://redmonk.com/jgovernor/
Why: James’ stated goal with RedMonk is providing the right context for solid IT decision-making with a fun and humorous slant. If his Twitter feed is anything to go by, he’s succeeded.
What to Expect: Well thought-out cloud and IT thinking and analysis in 140 characters. And an occasional meme just for good fun.

Tom Raftery – @TomRaftery
Occupation: Green IT Industry Analyst at GreenMonk (Energy and Sustainability Practice at RedMonk)
Website: http://greenmonk.net/
Why: Tom’s GreenMonk arm of RedMonk is the first open source analyst company on Energy and Sustainability – which means most of GreenMonk’s content is available for free. The combination of sustainability and cloud makes for a unique Twitter feed.
What to Expect: Tweets about data centers, the cloud and IT with a green/sustainability slant – a truly unique view on very important issues.

Michael Fauscette – @mfauscette
Occupation: Group Vice President, Software Business Solutions at IDC
Website: http://www.mfauscette.com/
Why: Mike specializes in business, digital strategy and transformation, with a deep enterprise focus. Mike is tuned into what matters across the entire IT spectrum.
What to Expect: A Twitter feed that could serve as your go-to resource for breaking IT news.

John Rymer – @johnrymer
Occupation: Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research
Website: https://www.forrester.com/john-r.-rymer
Why: John is an authority on enterprise middleware and covers major players like IBM, Red Hat, JBoss, Oracle, Microsoft’s .NET, SharePoint and cloud platforms like Azure, AWS and Salesforce. His expertise on enterprise strategies makes him a sure-fire follow.
What to Expect: A solid mix of IT and cloud-related tweets and unique perspective from his (and fellow Forrester analysts’) research.

Stuart Miniman – @stu
Occupation: Analyst and Researcher at Wikibon
Website: https://blogstu.wordpress.com/
Why: Stuart is tapped into the modern data center like no other, focusing on a wide range of data center topics including networking, virtualization and cloud. (Plus he’s got a great Twitter handle! Three-letter Twitter handles are harder to get than three-letter license plates these days).
What to Expect: Plenty of 140-character data center goodies on a daily basis.

Gregor Petri – @GregorPetri
Occupation: Research Director at Gartner
Website: http://petri.bz/
Why: Gregor is a cloud computing and digital strategies expert. Gregor offers great opinions and top articles on the cloud for the C-suite. He also compiles an informative cloud-based Paper.li (the Twitter equivalent of a daily newspaper).
What to Expect: A link to his Cloud Computing Daily Paper.li mixed with insightful commentary and links to his most current research.

Kate Leggett – @kateleggett
Occupation: VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research
Website: http://blogs.forrester.com/kate_leggett
Why: Kate is the go-to-resource for all things CRM-related. Her Forrester blog is also frequently updated and definitely worth your read.
What to Expect: The latest and most note-worthy Tweets across CRM news, trends and shakeups.

René Büst – @ReneBuest
Occupation: Senior Analyst and Cloud Practice Lead at Crisp Research
Website: http://renebuest.de/en/
Why: René is one of the top 100 cloud-computing experts on Twitter. He’s the top cloud computing blogger in Germany and in the top 50 worldwide. Are you following him yet?
What to Expect: Great posts that tease information but leave you wanting more – you’ll just have to click those links.

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Now off to you – who’s in your top 10 for IT and cloud? What cloud and IT topics are you passionate about?

Looking forward to the dialog – on CustomerThink.com or on Twitter at @peterrchase