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Why and How to Choose Cloud Storage Service


Originally posted to Data Center POST By Anushka Chakrabarti With the increasing access to the information, storage requirement for that information has also increased. Online Cloud Storage helps to store data online that can be accessed from anywhere, without carrying data servers. Read More »

All Data is Not Created Equal – A Guide to Cloud-Based Storage

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 4.15.57 PM

By Alexander Negrash, Director of Marketing, CloudBerry Lab Introduction Mostorganizations are seeing their data volumes increase exponentially. According to IDC, the world’s data already exceeds available storage space – and demand for storage capacity is growing nearly 60 percent a year. Businesses are struggling with the volume and evolving nature of the data being collected. They’re under huge pressure to ... Read More »

Where Websites Live


As originally published by Hosting Facts What some people are calling the migration to the cloud is taking place. Large companies with their own server setups or private data centers are moving to third-party data centers, causing a huge rise in the number — and size — of data centers worldwide. It’s more cost effective and convenient for these companies, as ... Read More »

The Tipping Point – Cloud IaaS v. Data Center Colocation


As originally published on Data Center Frontier: As with most things, there is no single “right” infrastructure solution for every company, or every application, at every time. Some companies, and some applications, will never work well in the cloud. Others will. Others work well in the cloud for a time – until they don’t. We call that moment the tipping ... Read More »

Reasons Why Cloud is the Future of Enterprise Mobile Apps


By: Ritesh Patil, Co-founder of Mobisoft Infotech Technology has become easier with cloud computing, especially for huge enterprises. Earlier it was difficult to have the easy access to technology which has now flipped to a fabulous approach to cut down the expenses as it gives awesome adaptability with regards to executing services for IT. Read More »

The Top 10 Data Center Stories of 2015


As Originally Published on Data Center Frontier The data center industry never stands still. Innovation is our focus here at Data Center Frontier, so it’s not surprising that many of our most popular stories of 2015 involved new approaches to challenges in storage, cooling and data center design. The other major theme was scale, and the continued super-sizing of cloud campuses ... Read More »

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