Thursday , 27 April 2017

Cloud Storage 2.0: Performance, Capacity, and no Bottlenecks

– Carl Meadows, senior product manager of Cloud Services at The Planet (, says: Enterprises looking for high-performance storage should look elsewhere: The cloud isn’t it. In order to achieve high-performance, the storage platform must be well connected to the compute resources accessing it. With the Internet acting as a bottleneck between the compute resource and the storage, high performance ... Read More »

Self-Service Cloud: Benefits, Hurdles, and Solutions

– Dave Malcolm, Chief Technology Officer at Surgient (, says: Companies often deploy new applications or IT services in order to drive growth and create competitive advantage. However, these applications and services must be developed, tested, and staged for prime-time use—a process that can be constrained by operational and technical hurdles. That’s where industry insiders are saying the next generation ... Read More »

Self-Service Cloud Advantages

– Stephen Elliot, vice president of strategy for virtualization and service automation, CA (, says: What are the advantages of a self-service cloud over other cloud options? It enables a tight linkage to the business objectives and the technology investment. It also empowers the customer to make their own decisions. The notion of self service is foundational to any cloud ... Read More »

Self Service Cloud: Hard to Separate

– Lori MacVittie, Technical Marketing Manager at F5 Networks (, says: It is technically impossible to separate the concept of “self-service” from “cloud”; in fact the use of “self-service cloud” is redundant, as part of the value proposition for cloud computing is that it is inherently “self-service”. Perhaps a better way of differentiating would be to define what may be ... Read More »

Server Growth: Up In The Cloud

– Brian Fry, vice president of sales and marketing at RackForce (, says: From RackForce’s perspective IT Managers in companies with 1000 Seats or less should be outsourcing their IT needs to a provider that can deliver colocation and cloud computing on demand. It is going to become near impossible to keep up without a massive budget. The datacenter must ... Read More »

Budget: Little Changes, Big Savings

– Stephan Prueger, Vice President of Sales with TrendPoint Systems (, says: The industry has responded to the challenge by making the changes of virtualization and cloud computing to address the more with less issue. This is positive because we are taking advantage of previously idle resources. The effect is the industry is now facing the economics of more computing ... Read More »

Cloud Computing: Ambiguity

– Karthik Viswanathan, head of marketing at Aspire Systems (, says: Many continuous attempts are being made to unveil the ambiguity of “cloud computing” and to arrive at a standard definition. In simple terms, it can be explained as IT capabilities delivered as a service over the internet to many users. It is an approach to delivering services that harness ... Read More »

Cloud Computing: A Mix of Solutions

– Kelly Beardmore, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer with Tenzing Managed IT Services (, says: Some enterprises are compelled by law to store sensitive data regionally or have information security or operational requirements that preclude, at some level, the use of “shared” network, compute, or storage resources. As a result, service providers have developed niche “cloud” offerings to ... Read More »

Cloud Computing: Defined

– Kevin Epstein, vice president of marketing at CloudShare (, says: Cloud computing is the ability to access as much or as little of one or more computing-related resources as you need, at any time, for as long as you need, at any level of the stack, over a network (local or internet). In other words, cloud computing would let ... Read More »

Cloud Computing: Enterprise Options

– Vishal Sharma, Senior Director of Cloud Computing at NaviSite (, says: Regardless of the size of a company, the inhibitors (to cloud computing) are security and concern of lack of control. Another challenge is where to start. Unlike larger enterprises, smaller enterprises do not have lot of options. They need more holistic solutions so that they can entirely create ... Read More »

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