Sunday , 25 June 2017

Cloud Computing: Tips for Success

– Vidur Apparao, CTO with LiveOps (, says: Understand how your cloud provider calculates availability Many cloud technology providers provide Service Level Agreements (SLAs) around availability. However, make sure you understand how your provider actually calculates availability – five nines may not always mean what you think it does. The key is to clearly understand how your provider defines “downtime.” ... Read More »

Tips for Cloud Computing Success

– Richard Davies, CEO at ElasticHosts, ServerBeach’s international cloud partner (, says:Know your application estate. Some businesses jump in without articulating a long-term cloud strategy and how it relates to overall business objectives. It is important to take a step back and establish realistic goals and priorities, a clear budget and deadline, as well as a shared understanding of what resources ... Read More »

Cloud Computing Trends

– Michael Sheehan, Technology Evangelist for GoGrid (, says: Cloud Computing can be defined in many ways. We made a definition in the form of a visualization which can be seen at which breaks the primary layers of the cloud down into three levels: Cloud Applications, Cloud Platforms and Cloud Infrastructure. As you move down the Cloud Pyramid, you ... Read More »

Getting the Most Out of your Cloud Computing Investments

– Bert Armijo, VP of Strategy with the Cloud Solutions Unit at CA technologies (, says: Start smallCloud computing does not require big initial commitment; you can start as small as building a prototype, something you are comfortable putting up. Use a cloud to develop it, deploy, run tests, try to scale and make it twice as big. Test again, ... Read More »

Choosing The Best Cloud Provider For Your Enterprise

– Rob Lovell, CEO of ThinkGrid Limited (, says: How do enterprises go about choosing the best cloud provider for their enterprise? I think this starts with the services that the enterprise is looking to fulfil and why they would look to outsource. Cloud computing is really just a word for hosted services. There are a lot of providers giving ... Read More »

Cloud Services Adoption: More Accelerated Growth Is Expected

– Eitan Bremler, Product Manager Virtualization at Radware (, says: The increase of cloud services adoption has reached the enterprise data center in the form of private clouds. IT managers of private clouds, who wish to dynamically and effectively accommodate the growing number of new hosted applications, should follow the following recommendations: • Create an elastic data center virtualization infrastructure ... Read More »

Cloud Computing Tips

– Nicole McGarry Senior Manager of Cloud Automation Product Marketing with Quest Software (, says: Really Get to Know Your Users Whether you’re administering a public, private, or hybrid cloud, a key focus of your deployment must be the end user. It’s critical to take the time to really understand how they are going to use the services you provide, ... Read More »

Picking the Right Cloud Provider: A Few Questions Go A Long Way

– Josh Roebuck, sales and marketing associate at Joyent (, says: How can pick a cloud provider that will give you what you need?Some questions to ask include: Is the cloud open (that is, can you easily move off it? Are there long-term contracts that lock you in? And finally, what is included in the payment and what is excluded ... Read More »

Cloud Computing: Here To Stay

– Barry Lynn, Chairman and CEO of 3Tera (, says: How do you choose the best cloud provider? Look for services with no lock in. Some Cloud services can hold you hostage. Get your applications on their Cloud and it can be very difficult to get them off if you are not happy with the service. Make sure that the ... Read More »

Why IT and Data Center Managers Don’t Like Vendor Lock-in

– John Sloan, lead research analyst for Info-Tech Research Group (, says: Why don’t IT and data center managers like vendor lock-in? I don’t know if it is as much hating vendor lock-in as it is preferring an open playing field and choice. Open competition increases choices and drives down price. In evaluating all cloud opportunities we use what we ... Read More »

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