Thursday , 22 June 2017

Cloud Services and Disaster Recovery: Understand and Test It!

– Lori MacVittie, Senior Technical Marketing Manager at F5 Networks (, says: If Amazon’s Availability Zone strategy had worked as advertised its outage would have been non-news. But then again, no one really knows what was advertised… There’s been a lot said about the Amazon outage and most of it had to do with cloud and, as details came to ... Read More »

If a Network Can’t Go Virtual Then Virtual Must Come to the Network

– Lori MacVittie, Senior Technical Marketing Manager at F5 Networks (, says: Whether it’s a need to support cloud computing or manage the myriad requirements from internal customers, the new network must go beyond multi-tenancy. There has been a plethora of content lately discussing the need for virtual network appliances. It’s only natural, after all, that once we managed to ... Read More »

The “Fourth Utility” In A Hospital Is A Vital Connection

– Jason Reasor , product manager at CommScope (, says: When a new building is being constructed, there isn’t a lot of discussion around whether or not electricity, plumbing or natural gas will be installed. It’s a given that they will be there. These utilities are ubiquitous (that’s a fancy word for “always there”). In fact, we take it for ... Read More »

Securing the Data Center: Application-layer DDoS Attacks

– Rakesh Shah, director of product marketing and strategy with Arbor Networks (, says: Application-layer DDoS attacks have quickly become the most significant threat to availability of Internet Data Center and Cloud-based services. Application-layer attacks are low bandwidth, difficult to detect and target both end customers and network operators’ own ancillary supporting services, such as HTTP web services, domain name ... Read More »

The Stealthy Ascendancy of JSON

– Lori MacVittie, Senior Technical Marketing Manager at F5 Networks (, says: While everyone was focused on cloud, JSON has slowly but surely been taking over the application development world. It looks like the debate between XML and JSON may be coming to a close with JSON poised to take the title of preferred format for web applications. If you ... Read More »

How to Quickly and Easily Build, Manage, and Deploy Private and Public Clouds

– Peder Ulander, Chief Marketing Officer at (, says: Today, enterprises and service providers that are interested in launching cloud computing services face the difficult task of integrating complex software and hardware components from multiple vendors. The resulting system could end up being expensive to build and hard to operate, minimizing the original motives and benefits of moving to ... Read More »

Public, Private and Enterprise Cloud: Economy of Scale versus Efficiency of Scale

– Lori MacVittie, Senior Technical Marketing Manager at F5 Networks (, says: What distinguishes these three models of cloud computing are the business and operational goals for which they were implemented and the benefits derived. A brief Twitter conversation recently asked the question how one would distinguish between the three emerging dominant cloud computing models: public, private and enterprise. Interestingly, ... Read More »

Convert Existing Data Center Infrastructure into a Private or Hybrid Cloud Environment

– Garima Thockchom, VP of marketing at Gale Technologies (, says: Why is Gale Technologies’ GaleForce Turnkey Cloud useful in today’s enterprise data centers? Why should data center and IT managers care about it? How can they benefit from it? The GaleForce Turnkey Cloud allows organizations to maximize the resource utilization out of their existing infrastructure by converting static and ... Read More »

Visibility Into Your Entire IT Infrastructure

– Josh Duncan, Product Evangelist at Zenoss (, says: Enterprise operations teams need a way to manage and monitor all of their physical servers, networks, storage devices, and an increasing amount of virtual resources. It is no longer a simple exercise to determine where your services are physically running, and what the impact is if a device has to go ... Read More »

Meeting Monitoring Challenges in Today’s Complex Data Center and Cloud Service Environments

– Imin Lee, CEO of AccelOps (, says: Expectations are high for enterprise and service provider data center organizations to adapt their complex, dynamic infrastructures to the changing needs of business. But between virtualization and public/private cloud hybrid environments, the old ways of doing things won’t cut it when it comes to scaling dynamically to provide elastic monitoring and performance ... Read More »

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