Thursday , 22 June 2017

Where the Cloud Really Lives

– Paddy Moogan, SEO Consultant with Distilled (, says: Imagine the cloud, what do you think of? One of the hottest buzzwords of recent years provokes a wide range of images – servers, computers, the sky and clouds, but how many of us actually know what it is? In reality, the cloud is anything but cloud-like. Interxion, a European data ... Read More »

Tom Buiocchi’s Storage Predictions for 2012: Infiltration of ‘Small Data’ and a New Kind of Cloud

– Tom Buiocchi is CEO of Drobo (, says: The pace of change in the storage industry is going to accelerate in 2012. Cloud strategies are evolving rapidly, solid-state media will have its day, and Big Data technologies will find their way to “Small Data” customers. Any vendor with an old school product line is going to learn some new ... Read More »

Infrastructure Architecture: Whitelisting with JSON and API Keys

– Lori MacVittie, Senior Technical Marketing Manager at F5 Networks (, says: AJAX and JSON have changed the way in which we architect applications, especially with respect to their ascendancy to rule the realm of integration, i.e. the API. Policies are generally focused on the URI, which has effectively become the exposed interface to any given application function. It’s REST-ful, ... Read More »

Border Games: Do You Know Your Data Privacy Laws?

– Jim Latimer, chief strategy officer at CentriLogic (, says: In today’s highly-regulated business world, the geographic location of data is as important as the technology that keeps it accessible and secure. Not only is the way data stored important to maintaining corporate policies, but so too is keeping data in a physical location that doesn’t breach industry regulations. There’s ... Read More »

5 Life Preservers for SMB IT Disasters

– Eric Webster,chief revenue officer of Doyenz (, says: Disasters come in all shapes, sizes and material. In major natural disasters, there can be loss of property and belongings, a sense of disconnect from the world and for some, a long recovery time. In the IT world, when a disaster strikes it can cause the same effects, interrupting a business’ ... Read More »

Healthcare Technology + Cloud Computing = Real Cost Savings

– George J. Pantos, Esq., executive director of the Healthcare Performance Management Institute (, says: New cloud computing technologies will revolutionize the way that employers deliver health benefits and how patients receive them, according to a just-released study from the Healthcare Performance Management Institute. Many organizations preparing to comply with the federal health reform law are facing unexpected costs and ... Read More »

Anti-spam Cloud Apps. Among The First To Be Widely Adopted By SMEs

– Ronan Kavanagh, CEO of SpamTitan Technologies (, says: The security landscape has changed completely with virtual appliances becoming an unstoppable force. In the past 3 years, we have seen user demand completely transformed. Where once there was near universal demand for security hardware systems there is now an overriding preference for virtual appliances and cloud based solutions. This dramatic ... Read More »

Tips To Help Businesses Make The Most Of The Cloud

– Stan Klimoff, director of cloud services for Grid Dynamics ( Businesses looking to embrace the cloud sometimes try to find a solution that will allow them to make the transition from in-house services to the cloud as effortlessly as possible. Most of the successful examples that we witnessed in our practice, though, embrace the cloud as a driver of ... Read More »

Viral Technology: Developing Your Cloud Network – Cloud Computing Strengthens Business

James Kim, writer for (, says: Traditional networking methods are often rigid, expensive, and difficult to setup without IT professionals. However, the exponential growth of technology has offered an alternative networking solution for businesses: Cloud Computing. Cloud computing is really an information network that out-sources information management, storage, and file-sharing tasks to a third-party company. This allows many different ... Read More »

Cloud Computing – Supercharging Agile Development

– Sumit Mehrotra, director of product management at Skytap (, says: Development and test teams are always squeezed for time. With the growing adoption of Agile methodology there is even more pressure on teams to release quality features at a faster pace. In fact, a 2010 survey showed that “Delivering applications faster” was one of the top application development priorities. ... Read More »

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