Sunday , 30 April 2017

Q&A with Colin Macnab, CEO and co-founder of AppEnsure

Can you tell us about AppEnsure and your most recent announcement? AppEnsure is the first application management solution that automatically measures response time and throughput for all types of applications; custom developed and purchased, in physical, virtualized, public and private cloud environments. We recently announced the general availability of our application performance monitoring and management solutions, after a successful beta ... Read More »

Optimize Cloud Application Delivery and Simplify the Management of Cloud Environments

– Antonio Piraino, CTO, ScienceLogic: At ScienceLogic we are constantly on the lookout for companies to partner with that will enhance our customers’ experience and improve their overall operations efficiency. Teaming up with New Relic to optimize cloud application delivery and simplify the management of cloud environments does just that.   While ScienceLogic provides cloud infrastructure management software, New Relic offers customers SaaS-based ... Read More »

Arming the Enterprise with a Solution that Alleviates Today’s Data Center Challenges

– John Hanahan, VP, product management, Enterasys, a premier global provider of wired and wireless network infrastructure and security solutions, says: The buzz in the IT world has been all about mobile, social and cloud and we’re now seeing the impact it is having on the data center. Enterprises simply can’t manage them successfully in the ways they would have ... Read More »

Opportunity in the IaaS Era

– Mike Goodenough,  global director of cloud field engineering, savvisdirect, says: In some ways, the emergence of the cloud is bringing IT full circle. As if harkening back to mainframe days, we are once again using enormous data centers to house massive IT systems. Only now these systems are collective and go a million businesses deep, instead of supporting just ... Read More »

Cloud Services Brokerages and their International Growth

– Steve Crawford, VP of marketing and business development at Jamcracker, says: According to Jamcracker’s recent third annual report on cloud adoption trends, 2012 was a year that experienced significant expansion of the Cloud Services Brokerage (CSB) model among traditional and emerging segments; including service providers, IT distributors, organizations building their own partner ecosystems, and enterprise/government IT organizations – and ... Read More »

Leveraging the Cloud to Drive Business Transformation

– David Grimes, CTO, NaviSite, says: For fast-growth companies, the cloud is a valuable resource to strategically manage and transform their core service and offerings. While the cloud can equip companies with the tools needed to dramatically grow, scale, and advance their operations, companies are often challenged identifying where and how to begin leveraging the cloud. ConnectEDU, an education-focused platform ... Read More »

Delivering Highly Reliable SQL Database Using Dell’s Cloud On Demand

– Frank Huerta, CEO, TransLattice, says: The new version of the TransLattice Elastic Database (TED) can now be deployed on Dell Cloud On Demand. Enterprises around the world are looking to mitigate the risks of outages, data location compliance and vendor lock-in. These enterprises need cost-effective, resilient cloud solutions that bring corporate data closer to remote users, resulting in improved ... Read More »

Compuverde Sees Fusion-io’s Acquisition of ID7

– Stefan Bernbo, CEO and founder of Compuverde, says: As the demand for virtual data storage is rapidly growing, service providers are quickly realizing that software-defined storage is becoming a necessity and not an option.  Flash memory leader Fusion-io recently acquired software-defined storage   pioneer ID7, citing the significant data storage efficiency and performance benefits a software-defined storage approach delivers. ... Read More »

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