Tuesday , 28 March 2017

How New Types of Connectivity Are Complicating Cloud Computing for Telecommunications

– Jared Jacobs, Sr. Global SEO Strategist & Consultant at Dell, says: Cloud computing, as a tool, has been growing very fast and many different industries have taken advantage of the convenience and reliability of the technology. However, there have been some concerns, especially in the telecommunications industry, over connectivity control, trust, privacy, and security. Telecom service providers face a lot of ... Read More »

‘Consumerization of IT’ – Or Is That ‘Corruption of IT’? (Part I)

Adam Stern, founder and CEO of Infinitely Virtual, says: Consider the plight of the modern small to mid-size business — lost in the fog of cloud computing, encountering virtual hosting providers that are, well, poor hosts.  The natural impulse is to gravitate to the familiar names in this still-nascent realm – Amazon, Google, Verizon, et al — out of wariness with ... Read More »

How Software Defined Data Centers are Built for the Cloud

– Patrick Kerpan, CEO at CohesiveFT, says: The new concept of the “software defined data center” (SDDC) has ignited the IT industry.  But, what makes it different from a traditional data center? Is a software defined data center just existing physical assets with more virtualized aspects, or is it something revolutionary? Does the software defined data center rely on homogeneous ... Read More »

Cloudify 2.3 – Security, Multi-tenancy, Deployment Isolation, Support, and Troubleshooting

– Uri Cohen,VP of Product Management at Gigaspaces, says: When we introduced Cloudify 2.2 in early December, we announced our Chef integration, REST API, and a number of important usability improvements that allow for more robust applications on top of Cloudify. With the new version of Cloudify 2.3, we have a number of new features, some which are quite significant. These features include: Cloud security ... Read More »

Obama’s “Cloud First” Initiative Aims to Protect Critical Data

– Richard Moulds, vice president product management and strategy, Thales e-Security, says: The General Services Administration (GSA) has vowed to be the first department to utilize cloud-computing capabilities as part of the Obama administration’s “cloud-first” strategy. This program is meant to lower the increasing costs associated with IT departments and consolidate federal data centers. The new initiative requires agencies to recognize ... Read More »

Serena Software Delivers Predictions for 2013

– David Hurwitz, SVP of worldwide marketing with Serena Software, says: Apps drive most aspects of our modern world, including the enterprise. It has been an incredible year of technology innovation and achievement for enterprise IT, especially so with regards to software development, release and operations. New trends in the space, the emergence of DevOps and the expansion of Orchestrated IT, are ... Read More »

2013 Mobility and BYOD Drive VDI Adoption

– Lee Caswell, founder and chief strategy officer at Pivot3, says:   Desktop virtualization – two words that are continuously debated by industry pundits, while often leading to a prediction year after year of mass adoption. However, I do believe that we will start to see larger adoption patterns and interest in 2013 due to several industry trends and technologies ... Read More »

Cloud Brokers: The eHarmony of Cloud Infrastructure?

– Lori MacVittie, senior technical marketing manager at F5 Networks, says:  A long-lived match made in the cloud will require more detail than providers and brokers are currently offering Buried in blogs around the Internets are references to a research survey conducted by research firm ESG earlier this year on behalf of VMware. While obtaining the full contents require more than my meager pockets contain, ... Read More »


– Ilissa Miller, from  iMiller Public Relations, says:It is a high performance network that allows data centers to maximize availability of superior disaster recovery solutions.  Sidera, the premier supplier of fiber-optic based solutions, and ContinuityX Solutions, a premier provider of managed networking, data center, applications, cloud and disaster recovery services announced today that Sidera is providing high-performance network connectivity between ContinuityX data ... Read More »

Compuware’s New Outage Analyzer Tracks Cloud and Third-Party Web Service Outages in Realtime

– Colin Mason, senior product manager, Compuware’s APM Business Unit, says: In late May into early June, Facebook suffered a period of sporadic outages. All around the Web, thousands of other sites that relied on Facebook services, such as the “Like” button, experienced performance and availability issues. Amazon’s EC2 outage in early July took several big sites offline and slowed ... Read More »

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