Thursday , 22 June 2017

You’re Paying too much for the Cloud

paying too much for the cloud

  Paying too much for the Cloud – David S. Linthicum, SVP at Cloud Technology Partners, says: It’s time to reduce your bills — and that means using the cloud the right way for your needs You can’t go a month without hearing about some price drop by a major cloud computing provider, with others quickly following suit. Though it ... Read More »

Cloud and Things and Big Operational Data

big operational data

Big Operational Data – Lori MacVittie, Principal Technical Evangelist at F5 Networks, says: Software-defined architectures are critical for achieving the right mix of efficiency and scale needed to meet the challenges that will come with the Internet of Things If you’ve been living under a rock (or rack in the data center) you might not have noticed the explosive growth of ... Read More »

Transforming Traditional Roles: Shifting Data Center Architecture from Physical to Virtual

Data Center Architecture

Data Center Architecture – Malcolm Rieke, Director of Product Management, Catbird, says: As IT siloes are coming to an end, traditional roles are reimagined. The modern data center is experiencing unheard-of levels of automation and agility. This is partly due to the advent and accelerated adoption of virtualization and cloud services. The Society of Information Management reports, for instance, that ... Read More »

Big Data’s Response to the Growing Threat of Enterprise Cyber Attacks

enterprise cyber attacks

Enterprise Cyber Attacks – Sergii Shelpuk, the Director of Data Science at SoftServe, an enterprise-class software development company Seconds matter when your enterprise is under a cyber-attack. Your company’s financial security and intellectual property are at risk. Worse, your company’s reputation is on the line. One report of a security breach may result in an extensive PR campaign to save ... Read More »

3 Major Barriers to Getting Started with the Cloud

Getting Started with the Cloud

Getting Started with the Cloud – Carlos Granda, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Services at RiverMeadow, says: Cloud computing is a pervasive idea, yet many companies are struggling to either adopt cloud or realize its promised benefits. So, what are the key barriers for companies wanting to employ cloud? Organizational and cultural inhibitors. Cloud does seem to affect the culture, ... Read More »

SIOS Technology Releases Premier SQL Server High Availability Survey Results

SQL Server High Availability

SQL Server High Availability – Jerry Melnick, COO of SIOS Technology, says: SIOS Technology just issued the results of its premier SQL Server High Availability survey of large corporations in the United States (76%) and Europe (9%).  The survey elicited responses from 191 IT professionals across a wide range of vertical industries to understand current trends and challenges related to ... Read More »

New File Sync and Share (FSS) Application Discovery Solution for the Enterprise

file sync and share

File Sync and Share – Proactive Risk Mitigation – Jonathan Sander, Strategy & Research Officer for STEALTHbits Technologies , says: Despite being extremely useful in a consumer’s personal life, the adoption of File Sync and Share (FSS) applications for business-use means that sensitive business information is being left exposed. In the event that an employee’s cloud storage application account is compromised, ... Read More »

Protecting Remote Access in the Cloud

Remote Access in the Cloud

Remote Access in the Cloud – David Hald, co-founder, chief relation officer at SMS PASSCODE A/S, says: A 2013 report by IBM revealed that one out of five organizations is using the cloud, and many industry analysts expect that figure will only grow bigger. Indeed, consulting firm KPMG projects that the cloud computing market will skyrocket to $241 billion in the ... Read More »

Cloud-based Analytics Help Turn Big Data resources into insights

Cloud-based Analytics

Cloud-based Analytics – Craig Sowell, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Datapipe Some people might call big data the Jekyll and Hyde of today’s leading technology trends. On one hand, it’s been lauded for its potential to transform operations and drive revolutionary developments in a wide range of industries, including health care organizations, public works and innovators. On the other hand, people ... Read More »

Horizon 6 with Virtual SAN: A Big First Step for VDI User Experience

vdi user experience

VDI User Experience – Greg Holzrichter, VP of Marketing, Atlantis Computing, says: The recent release of Horizon 6 was a watershed moment for VMware. They now have a unified platform for desktop and application virtualization that can take full advantage of the Software Defined Data Center. I’m excited about the direction Horizon is heading and VMware’s focus on End User ... Read More »

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