Friday , 28 April 2017

IBM lowers SoftLayer cloud prices

SoftLayer cloud

(VB News – Jordan Novet) IBM walks a fine line in the public cloud business. It wants to remain competitive with its rivals, but it also wants to seem special and distinct. That careful positioning played out in a statement IBM’s SoftLayer cloud business made yesterday about price cuts for multiple services. The costs of multiple services also fell in February, although the ... Read More »

The Internet of Things and mobility driving HTTP and Cloud

the internet of things

– Lori MacVittie, Senior Product Manager, Emerging Technologies at F5 Networks, says: The Internet of Things smells like opportunity for everyone. There is no industry that hasn’t been touched by the notion of smart “things” enabling convenience or collaboration or control in every aspect of our lives. From healthcare to entertainment, from automotive to financials, the Internet of Things is changing ... Read More »

Toward a Cloud Hosting Bill of Rights: A Virtual Win-Win

Cloud Hosting Bill of Rights

Cloud Hosting Bill of Rights – Adam Stern is founder and CEO of Infinitely Virtual, says: To mark this year’s 25th anniversary of the Web, Tim Berners-Lee, its creator, suggested the time was ripe for an Internet Bill of Rights. Smart idea — so why not extend that concept to cloud hosting?  After all, powerful new virtualization technologies carry with them ... Read More »

A2P SMS Messaging Gains Momentum

sms messaging

A2P SMS Messaging – Joanna Styczen, spokesperson for iMPR, says:  Application-to-mobile messaging has seen rapid growth over the past five years, with Juniper Research predicting the technology to overtake person-to-person messaging by 2018, being worth more than $60B.  Ovum estimates that A2P SMS messaging will grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6% from 2013-2017, with operators and third-party service providers ... Read More »

Secure Your Data in the Cloud

secure your data

Secure Your Data With more and more services offered via the cloud, asking how secure these services are is the right thing to do. BullGuard blogger, Steve Bell, spells out the dangers and offers a few tips on how to secure your data.. The surge to cloud technology is rapidly gathering pace. In the space of just a few years ... Read More »

Out-Tasking: The Key to Getting Started in the Cloud


Out-Tasking – Chris Patterson, VP Product Management, NaviSite, says: NaviSite works with many businesses getting started with cloud technology and one question we often hear is, “Where do I start? Which part of my infrastructure should I move into the cloud first?” IT leaders must pick a starting point for cloud adoption, and the decision becomes easier when they understand ... Read More »

Security Secrets for Online File Sharing Mania

online file sharing

  Online File Sharing – Sam Liu, is the vice president of marketing for Soonr, says: It’s raining cloud apps. You simply can’t escape the downpour. And, the simplicity and convenience of the cloud is most certainly enticing your business users, especially when it comes to online file sharing. But business beware. If you do not invest wisely in a secure file ... Read More »

FrontRange’s HEAT Hybrid ITSM Platform

hybrid itsm

Hybrid ITSM – Kevin J. Smith, Vice President & General Manager, Cloud Business Unit, FrontRange, says:  In a series of recent customer wins for FrontRange, Center Partners,a leading provider of high value customer sales and support solutions for distinguished brands requiring superior consumer experience,  recently selected the cloud-based version of our HEAT Service Management solution to replace their on-premise predecessor.  ... Read More »

The Building Blocks of an Efficient Data Center

efficient data center

Efficient Data Center – Natalie Lehrer, a senior contributor for CloudWedge, says: Private Data centers require meticulous planning and a coordinated effort that will satisfy clients needs while also adhering to local, state and federal regulations. The measurement most commonly used acronym to express data center efficiency is PUE. PUE stands for Power Usage Effectiveness and the number describes the relationship ... Read More »

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