Friday , 28 April 2017

Cross-Regional Data Integration for the New Age of Data Centers

Cross-Regional Data Integration

Cross-Regional Data Integration – Frank Huerta, CEO, TransLattice, says: Like any industry, the database sector sometimes sets and sometimes follows the newest trends. These trends appear due to technology innovations either within the database sector or in a related field, creating disruptions that spur more innovation. At times, the hype surrounding a trend is unwarranted and soon fades. At other ... Read More »

The New Requirements for App Delivery

Requirements for App Delivery

Requirements for App Delivery – Lori MacVittie, senior technical marketing manager at F5 Networks (, says: Application delivery, as defined as its own little corner of the network industry, has been fairly focused on assuring the performance, security and availability of applications since its inception back around 2003. Oh, the ways in which those three core tenets have been supported by application ... Read More »

Workspace-as-a-Service Innovator Sees 330% Growth in 2014 with Cloud Workspace Suite


  Workspace-as-a-Service – Seth Bostock, President and COO of IndependenceIT, says: With the increasing demand for mobile and device-independent access to applications and data, organizations are seeking competitive solutions to capitalize on these requirements and further improve infrastructure. Businesses are also demanding greater scalability and agility for workplace IT that allows users to work anywhere, anytime and on any device. The ... Read More »

The Next Wave of SMB SaaS


SMB SaaS – Jason M. Lemkin, Managing Director at Storm Ventures, says: If you look at the SaaS companies that have IPO’d to date, you’ll see one common theme:  almost all sell to Large Enterprises, either almost entirely (Veeva, Workday), mainly (Salesforce, Cornerstone), or in large part (Box, coming). It just makes sense.  The reason isn’t just because Large Enterprises have ... Read More »

The Four Tenets of Cloud Computing

cloud computing

– Thanh Lam,spokesperson for IBM Cloud Computing, says: I develop technical training course content for IBM Lab Services and Training cloud computing curriculum. In the beginning level courses, I assume attendees have no previous background in cloud computing. It helps to talk about simple things that students can memorize and use as the base to learn more complex concepts of cloud computing. I ... Read More »

2014 and Beyond: The Data Center Trends We Should Be Focused On

data center trends

Data Center Trends – Derek Granath, senior director, product management, Extreme Networks, says: We’ve become very used to the flood of prediction articles at the beginning of every year, but with half the year already behind us, I think it’s important to examine what trends stuck and what we need to be focused on for the remainder of 2014. Here ... Read More »

Cloudify 3.0 – Bringing New Intelligence to Cloud Orchestration

Cloudify 3.0

– Yaron Parasol, VP of Product at GigaSpaces Technologies, says: Yesterday, GigaSpaces Technologies announced it has completely re-architected its Cloudify offering to provide Intelligent Orchestration of applications on the cloud. With this product rewrite, the new Cloudify orchestration platform simplifies the application deployment, management and scaling experience on OpenStack, VMware vSphere and other clouds and environments. In current orchestration models, most tools focus primarily on application ... Read More »

Enterprise AnyWare – Solving Today’s Unpredictable IT Challenges

enterprise anyware

The Flexible Architecture for Containerization Management – Meghan Matheny, spokesperson for Moka5, says: One of the universal truths of today’s Enterprise is that client computing has become highly dynamic and unpredictable. Whether it’s a salesperson constantly on a plane, or someone at headquarters bringing their MacBook from home, the confluence of multiple client platforms, multiple employee types, and multiple operating scenarios, ... Read More »

Open Source Looks for Real Time Replication

Real Time Replication

Real Time Replication – Robert Hodges, CEO of Continuent, says: The open source community – and all those who thrive in the MySQL marketplace are looking closely for new technology approaches that will help them achieve real-time integration between operational database systems and Hadoop.  Rapid loading of data into Hadoop enables effective analytics and is becoming increasingly crucial, as Hadoop itself raises the ... Read More »

Data Migration to the Cloud and Security’s Importance

data migration to the cloud

Data Migration to the Cloud – Patrick Kerpan, CEO, CohesiveFT, says: When we first started using AWS public cloud and other virtualized environments in 2006, we weren’t sure what kind of data and workloads our enterprise customers would migrate to the cloud. Some early industry watchers predicted the entire IT operation would move in one leap, others thought only non-critical, internal ... Read More »

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