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Cloud Computing: Operational and Strategic Benefits

– Courtney Behrens, Marketing Manager with Virtacore Systems (, says: Cloud computing is extremely beneficial for today’s datacenters. Private clouds are typically offered as a more managed service offering, so companies can move some (or all) of day to day IT management duties to a cloud provider, housed in a datacenter. This increase of customers choosing the cloud means cloud ... Read More »

Resolving Rapid Growth of Data Storage Capacity and Associated Data Protection Costs

– Josh Goldstein, Vice President of Marketing & Product Management at Cirtas Systems (, says: The Cirtas Bluejet Cloud Storage Controller is useful in today’s enterprise data center because it resolves the issues surrounding rapid growth of data storage capacity and associated data protection costs. By harnessing the power of public cloud storage utilities, Bluejet frees up data center rack ... Read More »

Cloud Infrastructure Delivered via Dedicated and Virtualized Resources

– Mark Quigley, Director of Corporate Communications with Softlayer Technologies (, says: Most organizations face multi-faceted challenges that can’t be met with just a single system or service. By design, SoftLayer’s services seamlessly integrate to create comprehensive, enterprise-class solutions that leverage our industry-leading automation and network architecture advantages. Not only do customers receive the highest standards of performance, security, and ... Read More »

Cloud is the How not the What

– Lori MacVittie, Senior Technical Marketing Manager at F5 Networks (, says: The “what” is a dynamic data center infrastructure. Cloud is “how” to get there. Admist the chatter and sound bites on Twitter coming from Cloud Connect this week are some interesting side conversations revolving around architecture and how cloud may or may not change the premises upon which ... Read More »

How to Seamlessly Connect Your Enterprise to the Cloud

  – Jerry Huang, President of Gladinet (, says: If you have a data center, you can do two things that are related to the cloud. First, you can connect your existing infrastructure in the data center to public cloud storage services. For example, backup your SQL Server to Amazon S3 or Rackspace Cloud Files. If you happen to be ... Read More »

Building and Managing Private Clouds

– Constantino Vázquez Blanco, Cloud Researcher for OpenNebula (, says: Cloud computing is an over-bloated concept, where many different technologies and software are squeezed in. Our solution focuses on the Infrastructure as a Service layer, where virtualization is playing a crucial role in the evolution of traditional data centers. In short, our solution is the key to the door of ... Read More »

Predictive Analytics “for IT”

– Daniel Heimlich, Vice President, Netuitive (, says: Predictive analytics has been around for a while and is applicable in several forms, most notably in business intelligence or BI where you see it applied in areas such as web trends and consumer data analysis. What we’re talking about is predictive analytics “for IT.” Predictive analytics for IT is about understanding ... Read More »

The 5 Requirements for Public Cloud Services

– Keao Caindec, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer at OpSource (, says: Concerns over security and lack of control have prompted IT departments to turn away from public cloud options in favor of home-grown private cloud services. Organizations that make this decision risk losing the core benefits that cloud computing was intended to provide in the first place – a more cost-effective ... Read More »

A Cloud-optimized Data Center

– Doug Ingraham, Vice President of Product Management (Data Center Products) at Brocade (, says: What is a cloud-optimized data center? In the data center, the cloud-optimized network connects virtual servers and their application workloads to other virtual servers and to virtual LUNs in storage resource pools, while maintaining secure, load-balanced client access connections to the Web, applications, and databases ... Read More »

CLOUD COMPUTING INSIGHTS: Achieving the Dream of Utility Computing

Imin Lee, CEO of AccelOps (, says: Computing as a utility remains the dream of data center managers, where more resources are just available when you need them, like electricity when you turn on the lights. Dynamic hosting and cloud computing are the core technologies that are going to make that dream of utility computing a reality. In dynamic hosting and ... Read More »

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